Want to Trade Sunshine #99.4 Type 17 Tank Car for. . .

Bill Welch

Okay time to update. The Sunshine #99.2 Early Tarvia has been traded for the Sunshine #65.1—Northern Pacific SS Boxcar.

I still have the Sunshine #99.4 Deep Rock I would like to trade for one of the following. (BTW Microscale offers Tarvia Decals: MC 4213).  Please note I have added three more kit possibilities to my trade list:


#67.34 or.35—MKT 40-foot Gondola http://www.sunshinekits.com/sunimages/sun67e.pdf

#102.10—High Point Thomasville & Denton (or WIF 102.12) boxcar: http://www.sunshinekits.com/sunimages/sun102b.pdf

#103.8 or .9—Tall Mather boxcar GM&O:   http://www.sunshinekits.com/sunimages/sun103a.pdf

#81.10, .11, or .12—Post War 10-ft High AAR boxcar CNJ/CRP w/7-foot doors: http://www.sunshinekits.com/sunimages/sun81.pdf


K107.1 CofG 50' 1-1/2 Door Box Car - As built 1937 with Square Corner Ends

K107.2 CofG 50' 1-1/2 Door Box Car - As built 1942, 1944 with Round Corner Ends and Apex Tri-Lok Running Board

Please contact me OFFLINE at fgexbill(at)tampabay.rr.com if you are interested in trading with me.

Bill Welch

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