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Thomas Klosterman

Workin' On the Railroad, a 2 volume set, covers many stories. Published in the 60's - 70's.

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Another Erie reference . . . at one time one of the railroad’s top management was using one of the business cars, and conducting some rather off-topic “business” after hours. At one point, his “business partner” jumped out of the car and ran around it, followed by the executive in question. Neither she nor he were clothed at the time . . .

And that IS a true story!


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A Roy C. Long, from Hinton WV, wrote about a lot of those stories on the C&O railway . . . a conductor shooting a railroad exec for accepting advances of a flirting female passenger . . . that he was interested in, locals shooting up a baggage car carrying prisoners to a more secure jail, etc. Locomotive explosions are well written up also.

Al Kresse


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Ah, hope this question isn't out-of-bounds for this list. The question is about steam-era railroading, and it might (I hope it does) involve freight cars. So. . . .

I've googled a bit but without much success. I'm looking for real-life, or fact-based fiction, stories about any part of the railroad industry as it existed in the late 1930s or previous years. Accidents, crime, corruption, operations . . . any topic, really.

Does Railroad magazine fit what I hope to find? Got magazines, books, or other sources you might care to mention?

One focus of mine is railroad organizational structure: What were the various departments of a Class I railroad, how did their duties and responsibilities intermingle. What did a top-down organizational chart look like?

Thanks much,

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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