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Jim Betz


Are you sure that story isn't about the Lack-a-wanda? *G*

Seriously - the same story can probably be told on just
about any RR at one time or another with one official or
another and with a variety of "guests" ... life is good,
and then you die (or get sent to moderate jail).
- Jim B.

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8f. Re: Railroad true stories?
Posted by: "Schuyler Larrabee"schuyler.larrabee@... angus502001
Date: Tue Oct 4, 2016 4:03 pm ((PDT))

Another Erie reference . . . at one time one of the railroad’s top management was using one of the business cars, and conducting some rather off-topic “business” after hours. At one point, his “business partner” jumped out of the car and ran around it, followed by the executive in question. Neither she nor he were clothed at the time . . .

And that IS a true story!


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