Re: Railroad true stories?

Schuyler Larrabee

Set Up Running is easily the absolute best first person account of a railroad man’s career I have come across. Not many railroad books would keep me up late reading it, “late” meaning way past my normal bedtime.

Find it. Read it.


Hi Brian,

You might have a look at the biography “Set Up Running: The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman, 1904–1949” by John W. Orr.

You won’t find organizational charts. You WILL find lots of real-life railroading experiences, may of which involved the movement of STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS. It is an enjoyable read in any case.

Claus Schlund

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Ah, hope this question isn't out-of-bounds for this list. The question is about steam-era railroading, and it might (I hope it does) involve freight cars. So. . . .

I've googled a bit but without much success. I'm looking for real-life, or fact-based fiction, stories about any part of the railroad industry as it existed in the late 1930s or previous years. Accidents, crime, corruption, operations . . . any topic, really.

Does Railroad magazine fit what I hope to find? Got magazines, books, or other sources you might care to mention?

One focus of mine is railroad organizational structure: What were the various departments of a Class I railroad, how did their duties and responsibilities intermingle. What did a top-down organizational chart look like?

Thanks much,

Brian Chapman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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