Re: Railroad true stories?

Rob M.

Ne’er a better story teller than a railroader.  


There are a few good ones, including the ones in Tony Thompson’s PFE book.   Historical societies often have good ones too.


Eric Neubauer L&NE freight cars monograph includes an autobiography from Fred Manson, started with the Reading RR and ended up in the L&NE car shop and thenTrailer Train.  Decent bit of STMFC/freight car content in his autobiography.

Eric Neubauer N&B box cars  monograph includes an autobiography by Eddie Eberhard, track inspector.

The Keystone, PRRT&HS  Numerous stories by many employees.   My favorites are the Ernie Clausing Supervisor of track stories (steam and transition era).

PC Historical Society… many T&E stories, but beyond the scope of STMFC.

Rob Mondichak

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