PFE reefer modeling clinic at Naperville (Chicagoland RPM)

Dick Harley


I will be giving a clinic at Naperville (Chicagoland RPM) titled "PFE Reefer Modeling, What More Do You Want To Know."
It's been "Naperville" to me for so long, that I just have a hard time changing.

The idea is to focus the presentation on questions from the audience (or others) and provide the audience with useful information. While some would like to play "stump the speaker," and present the questions at the clinic (which is ok), better answers can be given if the questions are sent to me ahead of time.

So, whether you are going to Naperville or not, if you have any questions about modeling PFE reefers, please email them to me at:
Dick -dot- Harley4UP -at-

If readers send questions but will not be in Naperville, let me know, and I will give answers to your preferred Yahoo Group after the meet.
This is obviously cross-posted to reach more people.

Thanks & hope to see you in Naperville (Lisle),
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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