Help Needed w/Live Fire Acrylic Painting Event at Chicagoland RPM: Playing it Forward

Bill Welch

One of the people helping with the "Live Fire" Acrylic Painting opportunity on Saturday afternoon, October 22 has developed a conflict and will have to leave the RPM earlier than expected. If you appreciate the importance of helping people learn something new and are experienced with using Internal Mix Airbrushes, I hope you will consider being a Coach during the "Live Fire" Acrylic Painting event after lunch on Saturday afternoon. There will four coaches, one for each painter during 12 different time slots. Time commitment is 2.5 hours. We will using Badger's Modelflex paint on Accurail Boxcar bodies.

If you have questions or want to commit, please contact me offline at fgexbill(at)

Thank you,

Bill Welch

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