Re: searching for JLSX (Jones & Laughlin) tank car photos

Jim Mischke

Several thoughts, Tim.   I refer to the classic three dome tank car from Lambert in brass, F&C in resin.

-  Ghost Railroads X, by Wayne Cole, a book about the Aliquippa Works and the A&S, has a photo of a three dome tank car in intraplant service.  The reporting marks are not JSLX but maybe a corporate abbreviation, mounted on a plaque slightly above the walkway on the righthand side.  No other lettering visible.  Tank car may be bolted onto other infrastructure in stationary service.

book link:

-  An acquaintance was a J&L South Works coke plant employee for many years from the 1960's and said they were used in his day for intraplant tasks only, they were black, extremely dirty, and he never saw any legible lettering on them.

-  I seem to remember that in their prime, these tank cars were used to transfer coal car products between Aliquippa coke works and the South Works coke works for additional processing.  This would be a P&LE move between the MonCon and A&S interchanges.   This service limitation may be true in part, might be folklore.

-  Old information, the oft-published aluminum painted J&L tank car upon which Champ decals are based may well have been a sample car, not an in-service appearance.

-  Old information, the University of Pittsburgh archives has a image a three dome J&L tank car in a P&LE derailment in 1948 near Corapolis, Pa., it is only a distant end view.  Discussed on this list years ago.

-  Myself, I will be modeling a piece of J&L/MonCon trackage adjacent to B&O's Laughlin Jct.  I will have a couple Lambert tank cars with little visible lettering as wheeled scenery.   Along with a short cut of ON/CN/C&S/P&LE hoppers in ore service from Adams Lake, Ont., a prototype J&L unit train move between 1965-1974.  Not a B&O move, either.

I hope there is something in this treatment that informs or inspires you.

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