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Bruce Smith


First, given that there are THREE tank cars in the photo, which one are you interested in?

Second, all three (or at the very least 1 and 3) are insulated tank cars and may well be built after the period of the list, but the designs are similar to those of the period for the the list.  The 1st and 3rd appear to have the largest capacity, while #2 is a significantly smaller.

Third, the photo lacks the details necessary for me to be able to identify owner, lessor or builder.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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I found a picture of a tank car I have not previously seen in the book "The Lehigh Valley Railroad, A Photo Album" by Ken Kraemer.  I have placed the photo in the files section.  It was taken at Sayre PA..  The picture likely post-dates the period covered by this group but the car looks like it has been around awhile. Can anyone identify this type of car?

Ed Robinson

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