Re: Updates in Your Groups, October 10, 2016

Tom Madden

Tim wrote :
> It looks like clever STMFC members have found a way around the 'approval' process for
> photos to STMFC - just post them to the FILES section of the web site! There are now a
> few dozen JPEG files in there.

The bane of many Yahoo groups. The problem is, Yahoo allows each group 100 GB for photos but only 2 GB for files. Right now the STMFC Photos area is only 1.35% full  at 1.35 GB, while the Files area is 27% full with 549 MB. Plenty of room in both, but it wouldn't take too many unreduced images to fill up the Files area.

Yahoo Photos areas are difficult to navigate, so my personal preference is to upload photos to my own web site, or put them in my drop box, and post links to them. Yes, the links and images will no doubt go away when I do, but my photos are typically intended to illustrate a point rather than add to the historical record.

Tom Madden

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