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Andy Carlson asks:

What is & where are Prototype rails? (The one Brock alluded to) Andy
of SO Cal
Andy, Prototype Rails is an annual prototype modeling event which I
initiated. The first meet was held at Cocoa Beach, Florida last Jan 12 and
13 at the Hilton Hotel. Bruce Smith refers to a similar Savannah prototype
modeling meet as the first of such meets. This is not really true, I think,
although, frankly, I have not attended others than the one at Savannah and
RPM meets at the NMRA National. If we group all prototype modeling events
together...which I prefer to do... I think Naperville is the oldest and most
well known. Others that I am aware of are various ones held in California
and Pittsburgh. I think Bill Welch was involved with another one in the

Each meet has a somewhat different flavor I think...which is probably good.
The Savannah meet last year was primarily a model display event with a
couple of clinics. There was a large number of models on display but I don't
know the number. Naperville, from what I know, seems to be an event
emphasizing seminars on the prototype, modeling the prototype, and with
accompanying models on display. The level of seminar presenters is quite
high and includes the most well me...experts in the hobby.
Prototype Rails [ in Cocoa Beach ] has the theme of The Prototype and How to
Model It. We emphasize equally seminar/clinics and displaying of models.
This last Jan we had over 800 models present and 26 different
clinic/seminars in 39 different clinic time periods. We were very fortunate
and managed to put together an impressive list of presenters at our first
meet. Next year should be even more impressive and I intend to begin to
publicize it all beginning in June. The Savannah meet will be held this June
1/2. There will be a meet held in Cleveland, OH, on Oct 5/6 which will be
similar to the Savannah meet, I think, with emphasis on the display of
models with clinics on model building. Jim Six is running that event.

Here is a list of last yr's cinicians:
1. Modeling the L&N in Appalachia: John Wilkes [ see Trackside Photos ,
July MR]
2. Signals, Signal Systems and How to Model Them: Ken Farnham
3. Freight Car Braking Equipment: Ron Dettmer [ An ex CSX employee, Ron has
information about this equipment]
4. Operations: Bruce Metcalf
5. Rust and how to Model it: Mike Rose [ see Sep/Oct RMC ]
6. Less Than Carload Container Cars and Loads: Al Westerfield
8. Modeling the UP on Sherman Hill: Mike Brock
9. Weathering Diesels and Cars: Jim Six
10. Modern tank cars: Tim Frederick
11. Getting to Know Steam Locomotives: Andy Sperandeo
12. Prototypes for Passenger Car Models: Andy Harman
13. Appalachian Coal Industry: John Roberts
14: Shay Locomotives: Lou Ullian
15. The Bone Valley :Tom Bissett [CSX engineer]
16. Prototype Track Planning and Practices: Tom Bissett
17. Methods of Modeling Passenger Cars: Joe Oates [Ex CSX employee]
18. Shading and Highlighting, Weathering with Artificial Light: Greg Martin
[see many articles in Mainline Modeler]
20. Modeling Santa Fe Grain Cars [exact title may change]: Ken Edmier
21. Detailing buildings: Dayna Warner
22. Steam Locomotive Sound and Operations: Bruce Smith
23. Scott Chatfield: Subject to be Announced
24. Realistic Scenery: Jon Addison [ owner of a superb Sn3 mudular layout
which will also be present ].
25. Scenery, North and South: Bob Miller

If anyone has an interest in doing a seminar/clinic next Jan in Cocoa Beach, to the Space Center...let me know.

Mike Brock
Boss...Prototype Rails

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