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The C&O/PM used used Ore Jennies in captured coal service in a pinch.  These cars, designed for higher density ore, had extended sides for carrying lighter coal loads, and they refueled the Lake Michigan Car Ferries via between the rails into bunkers with augers.

Al Kresse

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Dick, I think you included ORE JENNIES as "hoppers" here. Technically they are
hopper cars, but I don't think they were used in coal service... I could be wrong.

If you don't count the jennies, there were nearly equal numbers in 1950 - 3,509
open hoppers [the majority of them Selective Service "MWB" cars like the ATLAS model
and a bunch of cars like the TRIX model], and 3,814 gondolas. But clearly the NP
greatly increased its fleet of "coal" hopper cars after 1940, I agree with that.

Tim O'Connor

By April 1950 these numbers reverse somewhat - on the NP 3,814 gons and 4,509 hoppers.
Jim Dick - St. Paul 

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