NEW stencil with freight car weigh data

Eric Hansmann

---In STMFC, I wrote :

What a neat photo! The car seems to have the NEW weight stencil, although NEW is missing due to the lack of space, is suspect. The weigh location is DET and the date looks like 11/16  06.


Dennis Storzek replied:

Since this photo pre-dates the ARA recommendations for stenciling that became effective in 1926, I'm not sure that the word "NEW" was required at the time.





I think the NEW stencil beside the weigh data precedes the 1926 ARA updates. As per Guy Wilber, it was October 20, 1920, when the ARA issued standards for stenciling reporting marks. This is from the AAR Interchange Dates file in the STMFC files section.

Freight car lettering was ever evolving in the Teens with the Master Car Builders Association (MCB). Here’s a build image of a NYC Lines shorty box car from 1914.


And a Pennsy Lines reefer from 1914:


But here’s a Wabash car from 1912 without a NEW stencil.


And an SP box car built in 1913 without a NEW stencil.


This 1917 T&P gondola has the NEW stencil:


In trolling through the Westerfield AC&F Collection, I see the NEW stencil applied sporadically on cars of the 1898-1908 period. Early PRR cars seem to be pretty consistent with using the NEW stencil. I see it applied to some cars that do not yet have weigh data. By 1916, there seems to be more consistency across many railroads.

Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX



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