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A&Y Dave in MD

So I verified in the ’34 Southern conductor log book database.  Cars classified “C” for coal included both hoppers and gons.  Interestingly, gons classified as “C” could have been empty as well as carrying coal and in two cases were carrying stone. Most foreign road C gons were N&W GU class high side gons.  I guess those were just known for carrying coal.


Of the gons classified as “C”, most were Southern Railway (home road), but there were quite a few N&W and a couple of C&O cars.  All were high side, even for home road Southern which owned a lot of low side gons.


Interestingly, any car classified as “G” for gondola, carried stone, steel, scrap iron, castings, wheels, pipe, or was empty.  A “G” did not mean coal.




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I have no photos but I do have a yard check logbook for Blackford KY for part of 1947. The yard was used by the ICRR for locals serving the mines in the Provadance KY area. 


There were forigen gons in the mix including some nearly new SP gons in blocks and in consecutive number order. It's a winter project to enter them into a database to make the data serchable.


Is there anything in particular Ed, or for that matter anyone else, your looking for?



Mark Rickert 




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Has anyone seen photos which show gons loaded with coal off the gon's home road?


Ed Mines



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