Re: gons containing coal

Tom Vanwormer

On the Colorado Midland from 1887 until 1918 the door on the side away from the coal chute was closed and a couple of large lumber planks were placed in the door nearest the coal chute.  In many cases the box and stock cars were loaded with mine run coal.
Tom VanWormer
Monument CO

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Tell us about coal in box cars.  Were the cars coopered like grain cars, or was the coal bagged?

Jared Harper

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Interestingly, any car classified as “G” for gondola, carried stone, steel, scrap iron, castings, wheels, pipe, or was empty. A “G” did not mean coal.


There are some M&StL conductors logs that list ‘C’ for gons no matter what the load. At first I thought it was the guys writing...
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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