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As for. Matter of information I offer the decal set for this car if you would like to dress it up some 

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I was looking at the IMC list of roads for this new model.  None are appropriate for me.  Yet.  But that Reynolds one caught my eye.  Then I remembered that Athearn recently announced a PS 2893 in Reynolds.  Yup.  I thought "Wouldn't it be neat to have two or three Reynolds cars and mix the PS and ACF?".  "Yes, I said.  It would."

So I printed out the side views of each car and discovered that the type faces didn't match.

I just compared the drawing for the IMC model with a photo of the real one in Kaminski's "American Car & Foundry Company 1899-1999".  And the IMC looks 99% spot-on.  Maybe even 99.5%.

So I'm wondering if Athearn is wrong, or if PS used different lettering.  Does anyone know of a photo of the PS Reynolds car?


Edward Sutorik

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