Re: Additional Naperville Note

Dick Harley

Fred Jansz wrote, "...according to my recent experiences Red Caboose made a low R-30-12-9 (28mm high) and a high R-30-9 (30mm high)."

Hi Fred,
It's been many years since those cars were tooled, but I'll try to remember and get the story basically straight.  Red Caboose set off to create a PFE R-30-12-9 kit.  However, they used plans for an R-30-12, which had a shorter body and several other differences, but the same underframe.  When they released their initial R-30-12-9 kits in the RC-4000 series, knowledgeable folks quickly pointed out the error.  Red Caboose, much to their credit, tooled another taller body and end, and they correctly renamed the RC-4000 series kits as a PFE R-30-12.  I measure the shorter body casting at about 1.115" and the taller body casting at about 1.175" high.  Both grab iron and ladder versions of the shorter body were made, so the key to identifying them is their shorter door or actually measuring them.

The new taller car kits were correctly labeled R-30-12-9 or R-30-9, depending on the era of the lettering scheme (sub-classes were dropped with the R-30/40-19 class in 1944).  They do not come in a grab iron version, but they do have variants for wood or integral steel hatches, and KC or AB brakes.  They have a small steel plate above the taller door.  Recent R-30-12-9 undec kits had all of those parts.
See my SmugMug site for photos of the taller cars.  I have not built any of the shorter cars, though I have a few.

So, there are a variety of parts available, especially on the second-hand market.  And the labeling is not necessarily correct, if they are some of the early kits.  But, to be correct, any car labeled -9, be it R-30-12-9 or R-30-9, should have the taller body, and the shorter body would be an R-30-12 (or R-30-14).

What InterMountain calls those parts on any particular day, I cannot predict.

Hope this helps,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA

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