Re: Another View of Pittsburg Reefer Scene

Eric Hansmann

At one time, a few tracks along the river were the B&O access to this area, via their ownership of the Pittsburgh Junction Railroad. Here’s a great map site that has stitched together scans of JM Hopkins plat maps from different eras. From the 1920-23 maps, it seems the photographer is standing on the 16th Street Bridge to take this shot.


On the site, you can zoom in tightly for clear looks at the maps. Take note of the solid bar across the top of the page and the five icons at the right side of the bar. The first icon with the squares is a sort of index where you can chose the approximate era to review. This is where aerial images can also be accessed. The middle icon is info about the site but also includes links to the other cities that have been documented. So far, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Toronto are the only cities available to view.


Be forewarned, you can spend a good hour or two just trolling around the rail and industrial sites on these maps. Keep snacks handy.


Eric Hansmann

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Here is another image from the same shoot:


Bill Welch


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