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I can see where the confusion crept in. You need first to understand that Bettendorf was a truck manufacturer, not a truck style. They made styles of trucks for themselves and others. ‎Most trucks were named for their inventor or patent holder, not the foundry that produced them. As a further example‎, ATSF had a Pullman 6 wheel truck under some of their tenders that were manufactured by General Steel Castings.

To compound this further, ‎Bettendorf did manufacture their own trucks, later with roller bearings, all for cabooses. 

Good explanation, except for the "all for cabooses" part. Bettendorf most definitely did manufacture freight car trucks, both the freight version of this T-section truck and a later U-section truck. The company was sold to the Standard Car Truck Co., user of the Barber trade name, in the thirties, more or less concurrently with the adoption of the new double truss truck design, and the old Bettendorf designs were dropped from production. The swing motion caboose truck, however, continued on as the Barber-Bettendorf caboose truck to become the common truck for cabooses in North America.

Dennis Storzek

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