Re: Please identify truck?

Charles Peck

Whether this truck is a Bettendorf product or a Bettendorf design made by someone else,
I would think that this style has some designation. A name, number, or code to put on 
specification sheets for ordering or repair purposes.
And no, the Kadee T-bar truck does not match.  Although there is similarity at the bolster,
the top of the journal boxes is much different.  The Kadee truck is flat below the bolster and
this truck is curved along the bottom. 
Barring new information, I am going to assume this truck has not been produced in HO.  No use rooting through boxes at train shows.  But when I have to fudge, I'd like to know what
I am substituting instead of.  Like when one has to use a Miner handbrake instead of a XYZ.
Thanks, Chuck Peck 

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I can see where the confusion crept in. You need first to understand that Bettendorf was a truck manufacturer, not a truck style. They made styles of trucks for themselves and others. ‎Most trucks were named for their inventor or patent holder, not the foundry that produced them. As a further example‎, ATSF had a Pullman 6 wheel truck under some of their tenders that were manufactured by General Steel Castings.

To compound this further, ‎Bettendorf did manufacture their own trucks, later with roller bearings, all for cabooses. 

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If the first link didn't work, try this one.

This is my first try at using Google photos.
Chuck Peck

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Well, that address didn't work for me.

Roy Wojahn

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Here is a link (I hope) to a truck under an L&N caboose.  It says Bettendorf as cast on but
that rounded lower member seems different from other trucks I've seen.  Any ideas
on a name for this truck or a maker?

Chuck Peck

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