HO kits for sale- updated list

Brian Carlson

As I mentioned a few months ago I am helping to liquidate a deceased friend’s collection. I have more “Craftsman” (IM, Red Caboose, Proto etc,) kits that may be of interest kits along with a many RTR models. There are a ton of shake the box kits (Athearn/MDC/Accurail etc) but I don’t have a list of those, it would take until Christmas.  If you’d like the list email me OFF LIST at prrk41361 at Yahoo.com. Kits are no more than $8, and RTR are $10. USPS Priority Mail Shipping will be added. Now that everything has been sorted, I can say there is no resin.  There is a stash of Des Plaines kits both Viking roof and a few others they offered back in the day.


Here’s the kicker we are having a train show on Saturday November 5th here in Buffalo where we will be selling all of my friend’s stuff, It is open to the public so if you are in the area I can give you more information off list. The reason I am mentioning this is I need to know of any interest in the models by 12 noon on Friday November 4th so I can pull the models from the stuff going to the show.


I also have a ton of vintage HO models, Varney, etc that will probably never sell. Many are still new in the box. I know some of you (Dr. Denny comes to mind) enjoy assembling old models so again contact me off list and we can discuss.


Since these are not my models some ground rules here in the main message.  While I use PayPal extensively we don’t have an account set up for the Trust and to keep things simple Payment must be made by good check, money order or cash.  (If you are interested in many models and must use paypal contact me to discuss) All models are sold as-is with no warranties expressed or implied.  All models are sold on a first come first served basis.  Checks and money orders must be made payable to B&E Irrevocable Trust.


Remember off list since I don’t want to eat the jail food.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

Prrk41361 “at” yahoo.com


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