Re: Atlas 52' gondolas in H0 scale?

Jim Mischke

To further address your question, Tom ....

No prototype for the Athearn gondolas, also their Atlas and Cox versions.   Model gondola is nominal 50 feet long, an uncommon or nonexistent prototype length; in order to have common parts with their 50' flat car, another model suffering from prototype deprivation.

The side stakes over the trucks do not line up with the span bolster, a visual offence to all those who know these structural parts should line up.

I have banished my few Athearn gondola survivors to unlettered dirty dented steel mill intraplant service.

Had to make a value judgment years ago, I chose to have a few expensive accurate gondolas such as Proto2000 or Tangent, than a fat larger fleet of Athearn gondolas for US$5 each from local swap meets.

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