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I don’t think this type of modded car was used for scrap steel turnings. Nor tin coated scrap sheets and bits.

Some years ago, where I worked was using those big Virginian coal gondolas for hauling shop steel chips and shavings a few miles to the scrap center. You know those very large gondolas with the three axle trucks….

One day I was driving near the scrap yard and several hundreds of feet away from it, was one of those scrap loaded gon’s with the back broken on it and the middle of the car sitting on the rails. [envision the chore of emptying that car where it was, then cutting the car up to get rid of it, and then the final clean up of all of the remaining metal chips on the ROW….]

Since then, steel scraps have gone out of the complex in relatively smaller truck hauled containers that are about the size of a small school bus.

I expect the tin scrap gon’s to be loaded with scrap tin boxes and housings and not denser tin sheet filling up the interior. The cars would break up from loads that completely filled the cars if it was mostly piles of steel sheets or scrap cuttings.

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On Oct 31, 2016, at 8:08 AM, 'Gatwood, Elden  wrote:


PRR had scrap gons in subclass G22C used out of Baltimore, IIRC, for use taking shavings to scrap users. They had side extensions made of wood, with interior vertical steel channels to hold the whole thing together. Grabs were added to reach full height, and the brake gear extended and platform raised. 

Elden Gatwood 

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