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Tom Gloger

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Speaking of helium cars, somewhere or other around the house
I've got several shots of the real helium cars on SP's
EPTUD/TUEPD. They always ran in pairs, had clasp brakes on
their heavy-duty trucks (for something as light as helium,
those cars were rather heavy) and went back and forth
between the coast and (I guess) New Mexico where I am told
there are helium mines...just don't ask me how you mine
helium. Outcropping as Helium PentaFlouride?

Bill Daniels
It comes from gas wells. One town thought they had hit an "unlimited"
source of natural gas, but during the ceremony to light the "eternal
flame" the rushing gas kept blowing out the torch they were trying to
light it with. Too much helium.

The wells in 1938 were mostly in Kansas and Texas.

OK, I'm getting entirely too serious here... DID THESE CARS WEIGH

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