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The car with the supposedly blank sides is PFE 6334, an R-30-2 from series 4705-6600 built by AC&F in 1907. It is coupled to PFE 4174, another R-30-2 from series 1701-4600, also built by AC&F in 1907. See page 71 of Tony's PFE book (2nd ed.)

Likely the lettering disappeared because the orthochromatic emulsion on the plate (from the sharpness I assume this was a large glass plate negative) was not sensitive to oranges and yellows, rendering the car side almost the same dark tone as the lettering. I can barely see the ghost image of "VENTILATED" to the right of the door.

Neat photo.

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Below is a link to a picture of a PFE reefer in Canada, courtesy of the Toronto Public Library Archives.


Click on the "Open in full size" button and click again on the photo to enlarge it to its maximum size.


I can't quite make out the car number on the end and the lettering on the car side appears to be completely obliterated.


Does anyone know what class of PFE reefer this is?




Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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