Re: Cocoa Beach RPM in January

Charles Hladik

    I know that it's sometimes financially rough to stay at the host hotel, BUT, many times all of those function rooms that you want to be in are priced according to room nights booked by attendees. Myself, I don't get to the meets, because to me it's like if you can't afford a decent tip, don't eat there!
Chuck Hladik
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What is the situation in Cocoa Beach following Hurricane Matthew?  I know many of the hotels beachside in Daytona took a beating.  I assume the Hilton is OK, but how about the hotels/motels I can afford?  I usually stay at the Motel 6 up closer to Canaveral.  Also, what about the eateries in the area?  I plan on being there this year but want to know what I am facing as far as accommodations are concerned.

-- John

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