Richard F. (Dick) Dermody

Don Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hi folks,

     I was going to send this note only to Mike Brock when it dawned on me that several on the STMFC might 
operate or own groups such as this that Dick Dermody subscribed to. Unfortunately we lost Dick on 15 August 
quite unexpectedly. His widow, Carole, is now doing her best to end all the emails he receives from various groups 
and has asked if I could help her with the railroad groups. Dick's server is now plugged with over 10,000
messages and it is a headache for Carole. I have already spoken with Tom Madden to delete Dick from the 
PCL and presume Mike will do the same with the STMFC once this message has been seen. If any of the rest 
of you have Dick as a subscriber to a group you manage please delete him to assist. 

    Dick's next oldest brother, Chris, and I have been helping Carole divest of Dick's model railroad gear. Once 
a group has been sorted I have been listing lots on eBay or similar items. You will find a number of freight cars
listed now under my stjlc40 heading should you be interested. I'm sure there will still be a lot available by the
time of te Amherst Rwy. Soc. show on 28 & 29 January as well.

My best, Don Valentine

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