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Jeff Aley says:

“ From what I understand, the Cocoa Beach Hilton was unaffected by the storm. I’m not aware of any of the local favorite restaurants that were impacted, either.”

Jeff is correct. The Hilton at Cocoa Beach suffered no damage with the exception of one air conditioning unit which used to reside on the roof. I speculate that it is now on the Melbourne Airport Hilton’s roof. Well, something landed on that roof during the storm. We were occupying the 8th floor at the time and….The beach hotels had to evacuate so we camped out in the Melbourne Hilton. They get credit, they let people bring their dogs. It was like going to a dog show. Anyhow, some people believe that A/c unit is somewhere on Merritt Island. Anyhow, it has been replaced.

Jeff continues with:

“ I expect you will NOT hear from Mike regarding other accommodations in the area, because we want to encourage people to stay at the Hilton.”

Well, I did check and every hotel between Port Canaveral and Melbourne Beach were swept out to sea…some coming ashore in Ireland. And, the same goes for all restaurants. Well, I’m just trying to fit into the election season…heh. Heh…Wonder if anyone from the FBI is…

“ As others pointed out, the Prototype Rails benefits (like most meets) by selling “room nights”. If we don’t sell room nights, then the hotel charges us more for the facilities (ballroom, clinic rooms, etc.). And if the hotel charges us more for the facilities, guess what? – we have to pass along the higher costs to the attendees in the form of higher registration charges.”

So, by staying at the Hilton, you help keep the registration down to $35.”

All true. One yr we had a vendor that intended to stay down the road somewhere and wanted to know the cost of a table. I said, $5 thousand.

Oh well,

Mike Brock



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What is the situation in Cocoa Beach following Hurricane Matthew? I know many of the hotels beachside in Daytona took a beating. I assume the Hilton is OK, but how about the hotels/motels I can afford? I usually stay at the Motel 6 up closer to Canaveral. Also, what about the eateries in the area? I plan on being there this year but want to know what I am facing as far as accommodations are concerned.

-- John

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