GN 30000 AB Brake Detail


I'm building 4 Sunshine 77.2 and 77.3 Great Northern 30000 and 31000 series boxcars, and supposedly when the AB brakes were installed in the 1930's, the AB Controller and Airtank were put next to each other (not inline) on the same side of the underframe - the same side as the brake rod to the truck.  Kit Instructions indicate they were outboard of each other, with the controller near the sideframe.  This is one of those kits were the instructions are pretty vague.

For the life of me, I don't see how that can be done and still get the brake rod in there. No books I have show the underframes of these DS and SS boxcars. Anyone have a image or layout or words of wisdom?

RJ Dial

Burlingame, CA

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