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How far do you want to back date them?   The X29D was built between 1952 and 1956 with new bodies on the old frames.  They had three P&L during the time frame covered by this list.

Circle Keystone 1952 - January 1954
Shadow Keystone with calendar lettering these were only applied to cars built between January 1954 and July 1954.
Shadow Keystone with the more common standard lettering post August 1954

Variations in the roof depended entirely on when built and who supplied the roof for the particular car.  These cars did not undergo rebuilding during the time of this list

Rich Orr

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Hi All,

Looking at the F&C and WrightTrak models. Can the WrightTrak model be back dated by simply changing the lettering using the Mount Vernon Shops decals? Any thoughts on either model would be appreciated. Thanks

Jeff Drennan

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