WESTERFIELD MODELS Newsletter, Vol5, No 3, November, 2016


Hello Steam Era Modeler:
We are pleased to announce that Westerfield Models is having a NATIONAL MODEL RAILROAD MONTH SALE!  

This sale will be in effect from 12:01 am Friday, November 4 through 11:59 pm Sunday, November 20 and is available for orders placed on our Website, 
Mail Order Form (a PDF file), or via Phone order (303-658-9343), from 9am to 5pm, Pacific Time Zone.  We can also accept orders via email, payment 
being made by Paypal Invoice.  We accept all major credit cards.  Link to our Mail Order Form PDF:   http://westerfieldmodels.com/74822.html

Mailed in orders must be postmarked by MondayNovember 21, 2016.   
Please indicate the sale item(s) chosen in the comment section.
Choose one of the following sale Options:    Please Note:  All Option sales are for like items only.  For example, buy 2 Kits and get the third Kit at 25% off, or buy 5 Decals and get the fifth decal at 75%                                                                              off or buy 6 Kits and get the 6th Kit FREE.  These sales are for the following types of Items Only:  Kits, Decals, Detail Parts & Info Disks.    See Restrictions                                                                                    Below*.

FIRST OPTION:         Buy 2 Items and get 25% OFF the Second Item.
                                  USE COUPON CODE:  BUY2SALE           

SECOND OPTION:    Buy 3 Items and get 50% OFF the Third Item.
                                  USE COUPON CODE:  BUY3SALE

THIRD OPTION:        Buy 5 Items and get 75% OFF the Fifth Item.
                                  USE COUPON CODE:  BUY5SALE
FOURTH OPTION:     Buy 6 Items and get the 6th Item FREE.
                                  USE COUPON CODE:  BUY6ONEFREE

Please note that for all sales, items may be ordered in multiples of the sale quantity.
Please Note:  Shipping is not included.

All of our Kits are available at our secure website: westerfieldmodels.com

*RESTRICTIONS ON SALE ITEMS:  KITS - The following Kits are NOT eligible for FREE KITS:  All Kits Priced $42 and Higher, Sets #7598, #7599
                                                        DISKS - The following Disks are NOT eligible for FREE DISKS:  ACF Disk, PRR ORER Disks I, II, III or the set of 3
                                                        TRUCKS - Tahoe Model Works Trucks are also NOT included in the sale.  Tahoe truck large quantity discounts are available separately, listed under each Tahoe Truck type.

Westerfield Kits include new HO scale unpainted urethane castings, and are complete with quality details, detailed instruction/history sheets 
and proprietary decals covering all versions of the prototype car.   Trucks and couplers are not included but are available separately.  Please see below
We are also pleased to announce that TAHOE MODEL WORKS Trucks and Kadee Trucks and Couplers are now available through Westerfield Models.  Tahoe Trucks are now listed on our Website Secure 
Model Store under "Tahoe Model Works Trucks".   All fifteen of the Tahoe Truck types are available with any of three wheelset types:  Frame only, RP-25 
Wheelsets, Semi-Scale Wheelsets.  We also have a "Tahoe Trucks Listing" page on our Main website page that provides information on each type of truck and, in some cases a user list for that truck.
Kadee Trucks and Couplers are available on our Website Secure Model Store under "Add-On Trucks and Couplers for Kits".  Please note that Kadee products are only available with the purchase of a Kit, while Tahoe Trucks are available separately.
Link to our Tahoe Trucks page:    https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=264
Link to our Kadee Add-On page:  https://id18538.securedata.net/westerfieldmodels.com/merchantmanager/index.php?cPath=153

Westerfield Models is available for custom casting work.  We can make castings from your patterns, both from your custom masters or your 3D printed masters.  Please see our Website, Main Page "Custom Castings" for more information.  Link to page:  http://westerfieldmodels.com/116622.html

Westerfield Models now has a Facebook and YouTube page where we post photos and videos of our new projects and Modelers photos of completed or in process Westerfield Model Freight cars.
Please send us your photos and videos of your completed or in process Westerfield Model Kits, along with a description of your work, details used, painting methods, etc.
Please send to our email:  westerfieldmodels@....
Check out our Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/westerfieldmodels/         
If on Facebook, you can use:            @westerfieldmodels.

Thank you,
Andrew Dahm
Westerfield Models, LLC
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