ATLAS 1932 Pre order boxcars


Good evening. 
HOW ACCURATE ARE THESE BOXCARS? We would appreciate your expertise as always.

This afternoon we received the new HO scale ATLAS 1932 ARA 40' Boxcars in seven paint schemes...each with three unique numbers.   These cars are nice looking and feature some attractive paint schemes  with markings appropriate for the early 1930s to the late 1960s.  Check out the detail variations in the car ends, roof and brake wheel to name a few. 


ATLAS MASTER LINE 1932 ARA 40' Box Car Pricing:

ARA 1932 Boxcars MSRP $33.95

Overland Hobbies Price:   

$26.95/ car 1-2 car price

$25.95/ car 3+ car price


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