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Hi Ed,
thanks to you, too. Maybe I will bid on the MILW car because it has superior doors - which no other of my cars have, if I remember right.
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to my collection of freight cars I want to add a Kadee 40' PS-1 matching the beginning 1950s. Currently there are some nice examples available, but the photos are not clear enough to see the shop date, and the seller doesn't have any knowledge. So my question is which car(s) of this lot fulfills the requirement.

Many thanks and best Regards
Each original model can be seen at by looking up the 4-digit catalogue number. In these cases, look through the "out of stock" page at
The two ATSF cars were built 5-50. MILW 35020 was built 10-51. WP 21068 was built ca. 10-51, however, the scheme for #4917 is a 7-58 repaint.
The GTW, CNW, and UP cars were built in 1957-1958.
Ed Hawkins


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