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Schleigh Mike

The F&C and WrightTrak models are different reflecting the early (25501-26500) and late 22301-25500 // 23601-25500) production X29D cars, respectively.  The difference is in the "short" and "long" taper of their improved Dreadnaught ends.  "Short" is the older style found on the 9-52 to 4-53 production (1000 cars)---F&C.  "Long" is the 6-55 through 7-56 (3100 cars)---WrightTrak.  It seems unlikely that any of the newer cars would have been painted with other than shadow-keystone stencils.

I hope this helps in understanding the models.  I am not sure just what is really desired here if accurately lettered models are the target.  I am also not aware of the lettering style of the Mount Vernon product, that is 'circle' or 'shadow' keystone.  But, I am sure that shadow applies to the newer cars.

Regards from Pennsy country, Grove City, Penna.

Mike Schleigh

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Hi All,

Looking at the F&C and WrightTrak models. Can the WrightTrak model be back dated by simply changing the lettering using the Mount Vernon Shops decals? Any thoughts on either model would be appreciated. Thanks

Jeff Drennan

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