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Dave Sarther

George did an awesome job on this ubiquitous style of combination door cars. The CB&Q, GN,NP and CNW also had 40'combination door cars. For more information on the NP cars review the 2012 Summer Issue of the Mainstreeter, the NP Historical Society quarterly. For more in depth information about the GN cars review the 2012 Summer Issue of GNRHS Modelers' Pages.
While the NP had two versions of the 40' Combo Door cars built by PS and their own shops, the GN had three versions of these cars built by the GN Shops and AC&F and the CB&Q had only one version all built in their Havelock Shops. The CB&Q cars have the same offset grabs on the plug door side ends as the Milw Rd cars that George built. Chad Boas also has the parts necessary to build any of the CB&Q, NP or GN 40' Combo Door Cars. The CB&Q, NP and GN cars lasted from their building in the late 1950's into the BN merger days and beyond in many cases.

George and Eric thanks for bringing these unique but ubiquitous cars used for hauling grain and lumber forward for the modelers on this forum to see.

Later, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ

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George Toman has shared techniques he used to transform a couple of plastic box car kits to reflect specific prototypes. Check out the latest from George on the Resin Car Works blog.

Eric Hansmann
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