Re: PFE car washing info

greg kennelly


A very interesting tabulation of data. It is interesting to note that, for my Sept 1952 modelling era, more cars (38851) than the total fleet size (38631 in 1952) had been painted in the 1/1946 - 8/1952 period (assuming painting occurred at a uniform rate throughout the year) and that 74% (28596) of those cars were painted between 1/1948 - 8/1952. During the 1/1949 - 8/1952 period, only 6524 cars (17% of the 1952 fleet size) were washed. It appears that, for my modest fleet of 5 PFE cars in south-western British Columbia, 4 should be weathered to reflect between 1 - 4½ years since painting and the 5th should be weathered to reflect 4½ - 6½ years since painting with about 1½ years since being washed.

Greg Kennelly
Burnaby, BC

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