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There is a good deck shot of F30D 475051 on pages 52-53 of the PRR flat car book. I think the real issue with doing an F30D (or any of the other PRR trailer flats) is the difficulty of doing the tie-downs, bridge plates and hitches in a cost-effective and survivable manner. I'm not surprised he hasn't pulled the trigger on this one.

Elden Gatwood

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We'll contact Lee directly, but he knows that the PRRT&HS Modeling Committee exists for precisely this reason ;) We have both the diagrams and multiple photos, many of which have been published in the Keystone and The Keystone Modeler.

And, it is class F30D, not F30, to pick nits... :)


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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While talking with Lee English at teh Bowser booth at Trainfest yesterday, we got to the subject of him running the F30 flat car as an early Trailer Train model.

While he was interested, he said that he hasn't had any luck finding usable photos or diagrams of what went up on the deck to make the conversion.

Could anyone suggest a good source for these?

-Fritz Milhaupt

Operations Road Show


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