Re: Deep Rock (was Tangent Scale Models GATC ... tank car)

Matt Herson

A scan of the car is on Rail Car Photos –

The car is actually an older car than the Tangent model as it has a single row of rivets not a double row mandated in 1917.

Matt Herson

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I'm sure you meant not allowed in unrestricted interchange. :-)

But the January 1953 ORER shows no DRX reporting marks for anything.
I think that means the cars were no longer in Deep Rock service. There
is a Matt Herson photo of a vintage PTC Deep Rock tank car on the ChP
in Mexico in the 1970's - and it still has KC brakes!

Tim O'Connor


  Problem with the Deep Rock is that it has KC brakes, and those were not allowed
  in interchange after (?) Jan. 1, 1953. 
  J. Stephen Sandifer

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