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Dave Parker

Bruce is correct.  In the 1936 tariff book, there were about 28,000 cars running under GATX (rough count, made by summing column inches per page and cars per inch).  Of these, only about 620 were multi-compartment (2.2%) -- all numbered between 1039 and 1749.  Of these, only 38 were two-compartment cars (0.1% of the total fleet).  I spotted ~6 that look like they might be same car type as GATX 1638.

Very nice model, but a statistical rarity indeed.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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​This is like asking for a "pickle car" for many reasons...

1) There is no one type or builder of 2 dome cars.  Most of the major tank car builders built such cars.
2) There is no one capacity of 2 dome cars.  They ranged from small to large.
3) Two dome cars are pretty rare.  If you're going to wish for a tank car, please wish for the UTLX X-3 or GATC model 30 in mass produced plastic, which were by far the most common tank cars of the transition era.  The SCF 2 dome resin HO kit is a gorgeous car, but there is the potential that it models... one car.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I don't know what the capacity was of the two-dome cars.  I do not have any data on them.  It is interesting to note that Lionel probably made several thousand two-dome Sunoco tank cars for train sets.  There was one in almost every O and O-27 set.  But in HO only Globe made one.  Irv Athearn did not offer that model after he acquired Globe but he did make thousands of HO scale F7A diesels using the Globe technology.

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