Re: HO tank cars

Jack Mullen

Steve Sandifer said:

The SC&F cars has two compartments of just over 3000 gal each. However, it looks like a 10K tank in overall size.

Wait a minute! I don't know what you're comparing to, but that's just not true unless one of the models is grossly in error, and I don't doubt Jon Cagle's accuracy.

There is "lost" tank volume due to the void space between the interior heads of a multi-compartment tank, but that's a volume of a few hundred gallons, not 4000.  If a 6K 2-dome tank were the size of a 10K single, 40% of the tank's length would be empty space.

The smaller domes of a multi-compartment car do tend to make the tank look larger than it is. 

Jack Mullen

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