Re: Kadee Trucks

Tim O'Connor

Kadee trucks, and especially Kadee HGC trucks, are wonderful looking and the HGC trucks
also perform wonderfully - BUT because of the peculiar Kadee bolsters, the trucks really have
limited utility. For some cars they work well, but they're a pain in the neck for many others.

The Bowser 2D-F8's are good enough for most uses.

Tim O'Connor

I had a chance to talk to Sam Clarke at Kadee yesterday at Trainfest.  I asked about getting the ARA Type Y (PRR 2D-F8) made in the new HGC compound sideframes, rather that the open spring look.  He suggested sending in a bunch of emails from different names requesting that.  Apparently there has not been too great a demand for this particular style.  If you'd care to voice an opinion, contact him at
Steve Hile

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