Encyclopedia of B&O Cabooses Voume 4 by Dwight Jones


Hello all,

I just got my copy of Dwight Jones new Caboose book titled "Encyclopedia of B&O Cabooses Volume 4. It covers the B&O I-5 and I-16 cars only. First it should be said that this is only my thoughts on the book and I am in no way connected to the book or its publishers or author and I have no monetary interests from this book. The opinions and descriptions I give are from my observations throughout the book.

First, inside the front and back cover is an index of this volume and includes index of volumes 1 through 3.  Also included are updates and corrections for previous volumes.

Chapter 1 contains data on research and records and the Cincinnati Railroad Clubs (CRRC) participation in saving and moving many records and documents that were recently saved and some used in the making of this Volume 4.

Chapter 2 Gives a general history and has many B&O documents.

Chapter 3 Covers the construction of the I-5 which includes detail photos, drawings interior and exterior photos. Included throughout the chapter are timelines of changes with a description of each. There are tables of car assignments and various documents. Rosters of cars by car number groupings and wreck data and photos.

Chapter 4 Covers the I-16 that was made from boxcar modifications. Many interior and exterior photos and again, a timeline of changes with descriptions of each. Throughout are documents and drawings. There are pages on the development and use of railroad radio. Again there are rosters and car assignments.

Chapter 5 Covers battery and reflective markers and related documents.

Chapter 6 Covers the whistles.

Chapter 7 Covers Paint and lettering with a timeline, photos, drawings and related documents.

Chapter 8 Briefly covers the shops where these cabooses were built and or repaired / modified.

Chapter 9 Finishes out the volume covering caboose trucks used and there are several pages of color photos. Also on the last page is a list of Dwight's other books as well as a list of caboose numbers and photos by page numbers.

It is a very nice volume that should appeal to the historian and modeler alike. When you have the chance, give it a look. Autographed copies are available direct from the author, Dwight Jones, and is also available at the Baltimore and Ohio Historical Society Company Store, Ron's Books and others. If ordered direct as I did, from the author, the price is $46.99 and $5.00 shipping. It should be noted that he accepts only checks or money orders as he is not set up for PayPal yet. His is address is

Dwight Jones

536 Clairbrook Ave

Columbus, Ohio  43228

Thank you.

Robert Federle

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