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Charles Peck

The four pack idea might be a blessing for the train show vendors.  Break up bundles and sell them
ala carte at almost full price.  Ill be watching for them.
Chuck Peck back in Florida

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I would go in on one from the Hooker and one from the Virginia Chemical four packs, and if anyone doesn't want the Ethyl car from the "variety pack" I would go in on that.
[what a stupid marketing approach - didn't anyone remember what a disaster Kato's covered hoppers were?]
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR
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Bill Welch wrote:

Here are two pages MAYBE from the 2016-17 Broadway Limited catalog about their tank cars. Unsure if the link will take you to the two pages 80-81 or the entire catalog, hah.

       After a little fiddling, my browser opened the catalog. Awhile back, several on the list talked about getting together to split some of the four-packs, since apparently Broadway is not selling any individual cars. Shall we re-visit that idea? I am interested in several of the cars, but don't need four of any of them.

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