Re: NATX welded 10,000g tanks

Tim O'Connor

The only exact match to the Red Caboose tank cars I've ever found
were the USAX 10,000 gallon cars built in 1949. They had no tall dome
platforms, and had open steel grid walkways e.g. USAX 11722

had some extremely similar ACF built cars but I think they were
12,000 gallons (dome appears smaller compared to the tank) and had 2
extra steel bands to secure the tank to the frame e.g. UTLX 39150

North American did have riveted Type 27 tank cars that can be modeled
with the Intermountain car. And NATX 5326 was an ICC 103W that looks a
lot like the Red Caboose car, but it has the late 50's bracket type of
attachment to the tank and no steel bands.

Tim O'


I know NATX had at least a few welded 10,000 gallon tanks in the 18150-series, but those had high dome platforms with railings. Did they also have any without that platform? In other words, did they have any that more or less look like the Red Caboose 10,000g ICC-103W model? I haven't been able to find any pics of the NATX 18100-series. Thanks Scott Chatfield

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