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Dennis Storzek

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In the first instances, it was filed by Goodyear Tire & Rubber in the exact time frame Ed Hawkins mentions.

Perhaps someone familiar with Goodyear paint and coating history can provide further details.

I would suspect that "Pliolite" is the base resin system in Goodyear Pliobond contact cement. If you google "Pliobond" you'll see that, while no longer manufactured by Goodyear, the packaging prominently features the same orange-red that I remember on the Goodyear cans.

As to U.T.L. red, anyone remember that at one time Union Tank Line used Standard Oil red for their cars? In 1933 that would have been in the working memory of the people writing the specifications. Old color names die hard, just like old RR names.

I would suspect the color they are describing is an orangey fire engine red, not the orange used by Lionel in the fifties on their Hooker cars.

Dennis Storzek

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