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I would suspect the color they are describing is an orangey fire engine red,


   Would that be a color similar to the early ATSF E1 red/orange?  BLI thinks in terms of sales (don't blame them) so some discussion about the E1 colors was that many people might avoid buying because they thought the color might be wrong.  So on the Hookers is it possible they almost got it right but should have added more red?  All the early tinplate stuff is a bright orange and they may have followed that.  Not all the tinplate stuff was wrong! 


Hey, I don't know anything about this, other than Ed Hawkins' info says "red" and the Lionel cars from the fifties are orange. Then again, the color could have changed in the intervening years, especially since Hooker didn't seem to own the "Pliolite" trademark. All I know is that if Piolite is anything like Pliobond, "Pliolite red" isn't the color of the coating, since Pliobond is pink... well, dark pink. So, the color being described is likely the color that was associated with the trademark, which has been consistently orange-red since the sixties at least.

Dennis Storzek

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