Black Tank Friday

John Barry

35% off Tank Car Capacities on Lulu
Thanks to Dave Parker for steering me to Ian Cranstone’s reprints of the ’36 and ’55 issues of Tarrif 300, Tank Car Capacities.  They are print on demand at for a touch over $42 each.  Lulu has a 35% discount coupon valid for a few more days, NIGEL35.  Type that in during checkout for the discount.  I ordered both the other day and they came to  $65.62 including shipping to DC.
If any of you have or locate an edition closer to December 1944, I would be very interested in making a copy. 
Ian’s two volumes can not be found by searching the Lulu site.  He digitized two volumes (June 1936 and September 1955) so far, which can be found at -- they're not searchable on the site, but can be found directly at:
These are hard-cover premium volumes that will last much better than the originals.  Ian also added sections at the back totalling cars by operator and reporting mark, owners and totals of multiple compartment cars, along with AAR specifications and class data appropriate to the era.
I have no connection with Ian or Lulu other than as a modeller wishing to share his good fortune. 

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