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Thanks Rich, I must apologize for not being 100% clear as to what I was looking for. I need clarity on the lower area of the end. The coupler cut bar bracket and how it was attached. How the area looked where the poling pocket would be if it had them. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks, Jeff Drennan

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Jeff, They had the 1/3/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends, Rolling Pin Taper

Rich Christie

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Hi all,

This is for series 15500-15599. I have the three modeling articles (RMC 3/09 & 4/09 & Mainline 4/92). Also have RP CYC #24. What I do not have is a picture of the ends. In the RPC photo you can see the bracket for the cut lever does drop below the side sill. In the model photos and drawing all you see is a flat end on the sill and an eyelet for the lever. Does anyone have additional information on the ends? Any and all info would be appreciated. Thank You

Jeff Drennan

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