Re: I just noticed these Branchline kits

hubert mask

Thanks for the heads up Tim on the Branchline 

Hubert Mask

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Ah! That's unfortunate. The B end parts set include the running board
supports, door and end placards, and the beautiful end of car brake hoses.
Nevertheless, as spare parts this is still a good deal.

Tim O'Connor

The box I received from the eBay seller contained a large ziplock bag into which was packed 3 40' carbodies with 6 foot door openings. 3 diagonal roofs, 3 sprues each with 2 dreadnaught ends, 3 sprues containing the underframes and coupler boxes, 3 sprues containing steel running boards, 3 sprues with the brake components, 3 sprues with 2 doors each, 3 sprues with end ladders and grabs and 3 sprues with side ladders, grabs tack boards and stirrup steps. 

My earlier post was in error, there are no handbrakes or other "B" end detail parts.

Jeff White

Alma, IL

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