Re: AC&F covered hoppers

Richard Hendrickson

Bill Daniels wrote:

Helium...does have mass. When
compressed and loaded into those tanks on the cars, it
weighs quite a bit. Although I never was able to read the
load limit and lt. wt of the cars. Maybe somebody out there
with better eyes than I have...can read the data off one of the cars and
In the late 1960s I photographed MHAX 1154, a helium car built by AC&F in
December of 1960, including a number of close-up views. Nominal capacity
was 100 tons and light weight was 240400. The weight was mostly in the
very heavy steel tanks which were designed to hold helium at very high
pressures - and, yes, helium under pressure is NOT lighter than air. This
car had roller bearing trucks and, like all the helium cars I've ever seen,
it was equipped with clasp brakes.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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